• Brands | BUGATTI

    Valvosanitaria Bugatti is manufacturer of ball valves and fittings for water, gas and heating 100% Made in Italy.

  • Brands | Lammin

    Bimetallic and aluminum heating radiators Lammin.

  • Brands | SIRA

    Sira Industrie is a world leader in the manufacturing of heating terminals - commonly known as “ heating radiators” - supplying full-cycle castings and die casting molds for aluminum to the mechanical and automotive industries. For over 50 years Sira Industrie brand has been synonymous with quality, innovation and high technology.

  • Brands | TERMINUS

    Terminus company holds a leading position in the market of Russia and CIS countries on production of heated towel rails and stainless steel radiators.

  • Brands | WIRQUIN

    The WIRQUIN group is a French manufacturer of sanitaryware with an international presence and the name behind some of the industry’s best known products and systems.

  • Brands | ANI plast

    Ani Plast is large Russian manufacturer of plastic plumbing.

Other goods

  • Brands | Tatkraft

    Products of the international trade mark TATKRAFT is the leader of the Russian market among accessories for the bathroom.

  • Brands | Paini

    Paini founded in 1954 and in 50 years it has become one of the leader companies in its range. Today Paini is a company covering an area of about 100,000 square metres, out of which 70,000 covered by factory, with 390 employees working in it. Paini offers a wide range of taps - mixers, bathroom accessorieses and ship-building industry, kitchen, bath and shower associated products.

  • Brands | ANTIKA

    Steel baths ANTIKA - one of the leaders in the Russian market.

  • Brands | REIMAR
  • Brands | Donna Vanna
  • Brands | G-Lauf
  • Brands | ESKO

    ESKO - brand created by European concern RAF in cooperation with famous Italian designers and architects.

  • Brands | POTATO

    POTATO - manufacturer of faucets and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Brands | EVEREST

    Everest - practical faucets with low price.

  • Brands | INKOER
  • Brands | VIRPLAST

    Brand providing a range of a drainage systems and fittings.

  • Brands | SANITA

    One of the leading manufacturers of sanitary ware in Russia and CIS countries with more than 70-year history.

  • Brands | SANITA LUXE

    SANITA LUXE - highest quality luxury product at an affordable price. 

  • Brands | BAS


    BAS - manufacturer of acrylic bathtubs with hydromassage, shower cabins, bathroom furniture.